About Me

Hey, I’m Rakeem. A 21 Year old Creative Designer from East London. I have just finished studying Digital Art at London Southbank University, which I successfully passed with a 2:1.

Currently specialise in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Photography and Film.

My main inspiration for Design would be anything made during the Russian Revolution, Bauhaus era, early 20th c. typography. To single some individuals of the present day, I would say Neville Brody, Jon Contino and David Carson are those who inspire me the most.

Outside of Design, I also like to direct and edit short films. Quentin Tarantino and his non linear style of direction inspired me to start creating films myself. Another inspiration in terms of film would also be David Fincher.

Besides the creative field, I thoroughly enjoy playing and watching football, HUGE ARSENAL FAN. And I play Halo quite a bit after cinema on a friday night.

This Blog

This is a blog is about Design, Photography and Art. Some work is my own, the other work is  from designers all around the world, sorry if you did not get credited. (message me). 


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